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​ Welcome to my online home.  I invite you to come in and learn  more about me and my work.   

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​ Whether you want to  lose weight, tone up, gain lean muscle  or you are happy  as you are but would like a healthier lifestyle, 

takova-training is the right choice for you. Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own  skin; therefore, even if you are working a

 busy schedule, Finding it hard to meet your fitness goals or would like to get fit, 

takova-training gives you the flexibility  to reach your full potential with a variety of different.


From the moment you start with a simple formula for success. Calorie deficit + optimized macros + structured weight training = fat loss and muscle maintenance.


Feel stronger and more focused from the first session with 

carefully structured training designed for you, your goals 

and ability. Boost your lifts, build more muscle 

and break plateaus.


When you see amazing progress it's hard not to stay motivated. Stop wasting time with a trial and error approach and stop losing motivation. Work hard on the right areas without burning out and get the support you need to build positive habits and live your best life.

Online Training

How is the training going?

Once  you make your purchase, you will be able to download a questionnaire form to fill in. Based on these answers, I can make a customized program that will fit your needs. You will also get access to my mail address only made for online coaching. 

After each period there will be a  check-up  & update on your current program, depending on your package.

  •   Free Access App

  •   Custom Training Program

  •   Custom Meal Program    

  •   Weekly Check In & Adjustment

  •   Free Access To Training Videos

  •   Stretches & Mobility

  •   24/7 Customer Support 


Personal Training

How is the training going?

Whether your fitness goals be to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, improve flexibility and balance or to boost cardiovascular and sports performance, our team trainers will create training sessions that meet your specific fitness goals.   

Our trainers use a variety of training methods and disciplines that have proven to yield fast and extremely effective results. Some of which include: HIIT (high intensity interval training), weight training, circuit and Tabata training, Ems training, plyometrics. 

  •   Fitness Adjustment

  •   Program for all fitness levels

  •   Flexible class time 

  •   Nutrition guidance

  •   Stretches & Mobility

  •   Private session



With  us, you will reach your goal!

What is EMS training?

EMS means electrical muscle stimulation. Electrical impulses stimulate your muscles and ensure high-intensity personal training – without weights. You train 90% of your muscle group at the same time. As a result, the EMS training is highly efficient and lasts only 25 minutes.

  • It’s more effective & time-saving.  30-minute training with EMS brings equal effects to 90 minutes of regular training.

  • Boosts metabolism.  Your body works better even outside the training room, so the effects are even more astonishing.

  • increases calorie burning capacity.  Wondering how many calories can you burn during the 20/30-min of EMS training? Up to 750kcal

  • Improves posture.  You can choose which muscle groups to train, compensating for any disproportions is 100% safe for your health. You do not load joints and stretch your tendons; the risk of injury is minimized.

  • Reduces cellulite.  Full-body workout with EMS results in smooth, supple and silky skin and higher self-esteem than ever.

  • Recovery.  With EMS, you can target selected muscle groups and speed up the recovery.

And the result of that?  Muscle building and fat burning! Targeted muscle building leads to faster and more lasting fat reduction. Your body is tightened, the connective tissue improves. Your core muscles are stimulated, which optimizes your posture. Energy and performance increase in everyday life.

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Get A Personal Trainer At Home. 

Learn to exercise from the comfort of your own home. No equipment, no problem. Our in-home personal trainer programs will teach you how to command your own body and get in incredible shape while doing so. A Certified in-home personal trainer will guide you with a personalized program and get you results. 

Whether its fat loss, muscle gain, or a tighter stomach, then inhometrainer can help. We provide enthusiastic and experienced certified personal trainers at your door.

We provide In-Home Visits (we come to you) and Online Personal Training for any age and fitness level.


  •    Access App

  •    Custom Training Program

  •    Custom Meal Program  

  •    Weekly Check In & Adjustment

  •    No Equipment Needed

  •    Stretches & Mobility

  •    Flexibility Programs


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